There are countless products and people in the fitness industry all promising what we want to hear... quick results. Well, guess what, the quick and easy way is NEVER the right way... EVER. Did you know that only 5% of people who lose weight on a crash diet actually keep it off? That's insane! Know why? Because they didn't learn anything about how to eat, how to move or how to create lasting good habits. They learned how to restrict which leads to binging because they're sick of being so restricted!


I want to teach you how to not need me. Worst business model ever, right?! I'm serious though. I want to teach you how to find balance, enjoy the things you love, create healthier habits and know the difference between short-lived shortcuts and long-lasting real deals. 


At this point, I know you still have tons of questions... "Do I have to go to a gym?" "Do I have to count macros?" "Wait, what's a macro?!" The easiest way to get all those answered is just to ask! Phone call, text, Facebook Messenger, email, carrier pigeon... whatever! ASK! I love talking to people about their goals and am happy to answer all your questions.


Let me tell you a bit about my journey (the spark notes version). My weight fluctuated throughout college, as most do, but I managed to stay in a fairly comfortable zone until I had my son. After I became a mother I accepted the fact that I would never have my old body back again. I now had a "mom bod" and that was that, like it or not. My complacency led to nearly reaching the weight I was at when I was 9mo pregnant. At that point, I had no real self-confidence, avoided mirrors and struggled with anxiety and depression. Something had to change. As a single mom, I was on a budget, so I found every free resource I could get my hands on to teach myself about different diets and workout methods. The rest, they say, is history! With every goal I reached I wanted more and it led to becoming a certified personal trainer, certified sports & exercise nutrition coach, competitive bodybuilder, state record holding powerlifter, strong mama and an overall happier version of me who gets to help others feel the same way!